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STOTT® Reformer Pilates

A full body approach to helping you live a more mobile life!

STOTT® Pilates is the contemporary approach to the original Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates. The modern STOTT® approach is based on the up-to-date principles of exercise science and rehabilitation. Instead of focusing on keeping a "flat" back during exercises, the STOTT® approach encourages the natural curvatures of the spine throughout the exercises in order to promote a healthier and more functional position. The goals are to:

  • Improve mobility
  • Improve your core
  • Lengthen muscles
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Find forgotten movements
  • Feel taller, lighter and hopefully younger!


The reformer.

The reformer consists of a sliding carriage fitted with springs, cables and straps. It is designed to help the body improve mobility, strength, control and overall health.

The benefits.

The reformer enables your body to work through a greater range of exercises compared to doing pilates on the mat. In addition to the extra exercises, with the use of a reformer and it's springs, original exercises performed during mat classes can be both scaled back or made more challenging. This allows more people to benefit from more of the exercises. 

In addition, the reformer allows for exercises to have a more accurate grading. This means a beginner and an advanced participant can do exactly the same exercise but both will be working within, and also challenging their individual comfort zones. It also opens up the door to a whole new set of movement possibilities to help your body become more mobile.


I always leave feeling taller than when I arrived
— Kay Smith

How we teach.

Our STOTT® Reformer Pilates sessions are performed here soley on a 1:1 basis. This way each person we work with receives the highest attention to detail whilst performing the exercises. The health and safety of everyone we work with is our highest priority, therefore even though we challenge you, we won't let you do exercises you are not ready for. Doing pilates on a reformer is not the same as doing it on the mat in a class environment. There are more things to learn and more benefits to experience.  That's why we take the time to do it properly, you will not do an exercise without knowing the safe way to do it!

My back feels like it’s been decompressed and unwound..... awesome!
— Jeff Butt


Our luxury studio.

Our private 1:1 studio in the heart of the New Forest is the perfect place for you to learn the principles of STOTT® Pilates. Being fully air-conditioned, no matter the weather, you can enjoy each session at a comfortable temperature, as you progress your way to a better, more mobile body. The floor to ceiling mirrors create a feeling of space and calmness whilst also being invaluable when learning an exercise.

Each session ends with a de-stressing breathing and spinal movement routine that will leave you most likely feeling taller, more mobile and less stressed than when you arrived. Once finished, feel free to take a walk into the New Forest and enjoy the fresh air and natural environment.


One off or block sessions.

We offer an initial session or one off sessions for those who wish to have an introduction to the STOTT® Reformer exercises. There is no obligation to then continue. We also offer block sessions at a discounted price. We encourage this because pilates is a regular practice. In order to see the huge benefits it has to offer,  it should  become part of your lifestyle and be practiced on a regular bases. However, if you still only wish to book one-off sessions then you are more than welcome to.

Introductory 3 session offer.

The introductory 3 session series is a great way for those who have not tried reformer pilates before to experience the benefits it has to offer without committing to a 10 session programme. For more details on pricing for all of the services available click here

Further info:

Each 1:1 session is 60 minutes. Bottled water and fresh towels are complimentary. All reformer pilates sessions are taught personally by James. You can find out more about James by clicking here

In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body
— Joseph Pilates

Great exercise for so many reasons.


For all ages.

STOTT® Reformer Pilates is great exercise for all ages and abilities.


Moving away from the desk.

Stuck in the same position all day? Come and release your body from the restricted desk bound position and start moving better.


Adding variety to your workout.

Great for adding variety to your current high intensity workouts. Improve control, flexibility, mobility... and tone muscles you didn't know you had!