James Grigg
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James Grigg
BSc (Hons) Dip BmP® MSST AiM™ STOTT®

Bodymaster Method® Practitioner
Anatomy in Motion™
Sports Therapist
STOTT® Reformer Pilates Instructor

James has over 10 years experience working in musculoskeletal therapy and has built a highly successful clinic and movement studio based upon his reputation. James is known for his warm welcome, friendly personality and multidisciplinary approach to pain which makes the clients he works with feel immediately at ease when discussing their problems, and also extremely confident in his abilities.

He holds a first class degree in Sports Therapy, an advanced diploma in the Bodymaster Method®, has completed his training as a STOTT® Reformer Pilates Instructor, and although not strictly a qualification, he has studied with Gary Ward (one of the World's best teachers in Biomechanics and creator of Anatomy in Motion™) and therefore is a fellow "AiMer" (Anatomy in Motion™ practitioner). 

This combined knowledge allows James to fully understand your body and find where your limitations or blockages are. Using whatever treatment modality is appropriate, James' goal is to always help you remove these limitations in order to promote free flowing, efficient movement. Instead of just treating the symptoms, he focuses on the body as a whole, analysing why one part of your body is not able to move as well as the other; then focuses treatment on addressing these issues.

James started his career in 2006, during which time he was also awarded the annual Sports Medicine Scholarship by the Society of Sports Therapists. This resulted in him studying with and working alongside many highly respected Sports Medicine practitioners in Virginia, USA.

In 2010 James set up his own private clinic and quickly established a thriving client base relying on word of mouth to fill his diary. Later, he continued his quest for knowledge by studying with renowned Osteopath John Gibbons and became certified as a Bodymaster Method® Practitioner.  This multidisciplinary approach draws on a whole host of physical therapies to provide the most appropriate treatment for each client.

Again, due to his thirst for further learning, James flew to New York to study with Gary Ward who created the Anatomy in Motion™ philosophy. This approach addresses peoples' pain and helps improve sporting performance, by teaching people how to move differently. James considers this approach the most exciting and innovative assessment / treatment process to emerge within the musculoskeletal industry for years.

James has a passion for empowering the clients he works with. His love of movement as a therapy, led him to complete his training as a STOTT® Reformer Pilates Instructor. This amazing piece of equipment allows endless possibilities for people to learn movement patterns, as well as strengthen and lengthen muscles in all planes of movement. This helps make it an invaluable tool for total body movement therapy, as well as a fantastic exercise programme.

The combination of the above therapies and exercise modalities is what James believes can not only help a person out of pain or injury, but help them re-discover what their body is actually capable of and what it was actually designed to do.

James is fully insured and registered with:

The Society of Sports Therapists and Balens Insurance